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Savannah Here We Come!

Our family has always wanted to visit Savannah, GA. But the thought of a 10 hour drive was daunting. But as the saying says, "just do it." Our motivation was definitely the purchase of tickets to see the famous Savanah Bananas. But other than that, we will take in what the beautiful city has to offer in April.

So back to the 10 hour drive. How do you do it? We have done long road trips in the past to Montreal and Toronto during the Winter holiday break. Those were doozies. The key is to break it up. We have family in the Carolinas so we will definitely stay there for a night. When traveling with little ones, wiggle breaks are crucial. When planning out this trip, we will hopefully find a playground or park near our food stops. Some families have luck with night drives so the kids can sleep. Last time we tried this, my kids did not sleep. They fought because they were so tired. Never Again!

I am looking forward to sharing the trip planning on our platform. Now that we have baseball tix purchased and notified family, time to rent an Air Bnb. Savannah, here we come!


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